Hilton Spears Custom Cabinets, Inc.

About Hilton Spears, Inc.

Our business was started with a basic love for wood. I started out with everyday basic tools that you would find in any homeowner’s garage. This began as a hobby, when I was a teenager, with no ambition to continue it as a means of making a living. I did work for friends and family, basically free of charge. In 1980, as my work evolved, I began making and selling furniture to the general public. Around that same time, I built my first set of kitchen cabinets for myself and through that started building full sets of kitchen cabinets for the public. Because of the high demand for my work, this business became full-time in January 1996. Hilton Spears Custom Cabinets started out with one full-time employee and one part-time employee along with myself. Our shop building was 1500 square feet.

By 2006 our building had grown to 10,000 square feet. At that time we decided to move our business inside the city limits of Philadelphia. There we constructed a new 19,000 square foot facility. In 2007, we added another 4800 square feet with plans to add an additional 4800 square feet in 2008.

There are very few people in life that can truly do what they love and I feel very fortunate to be able to do just that. We hope to give your family the kind of service that we would expect someone to give us. We have a dedicated staff of 20 employees to make your dreams become a reality! From our family to yours, thank you for the opportunity to work with you and for you.

Hilton Spears